AUTODIDACT ARTIST - it flows, it is meditation, energy, search for authenticity, happiness and soothes her concern of today’s world. Her hands follow the materials and the tools.

She loves working with reused paper of all sorts including photos, pages from old books and magazines set in with upcycled vintage frames with that beautiful contoured glass. NATURAL rough products like gemstones, metal, tribal beads and old leather are also favourites of Sanny; It feels like being in contact with the SOUL OF LIFE, the source where every living creature comes from. 

Since she was a kid, Sanny has loved drawing, building little houses from wooden blocks and making jewellery. She used to search for TREASURES around her and had her own beads and tools at a very young age. HER MOTHER was the loving creative power to develop and explore and HER FATHER the motor of discipline to continue when she was  young.

She constantly pictures everything around her which could be reused or adapted into something more AUTHENTIC. The reused images are DISARMING. 

Working on FRAME ART started in 2008. Her mixed media art consists of realistic subdued animals and people in surrealistic area. All show vulnerability by the look in their eyes, the COMPOSITION or their pose.

One of her projects named KINTSUGI BAG, started officially in 2021 as a kind of harvest of something that had been simmering there for a long time. It turned out into gold repair on bags made of Dutch army canvas. Kintsugi is a Japanese repair technique with gold paste in the traditional ceramics of tea ceremonies.
From her mid twenties she already did investigation in old patine layers of antique furniture and later shown in her art work as her private life as well the perfect imperfection, sobriety, stillness, resistance against mass production. It became more and more part of her life. Sanny kind of lived a Wabi Sabi-like life with her children and shelter dog.
Nowadays she feels the urge to become more visible, to make herself heard. Highlighting this imperfectness with KINTSUGI.

As for the bag itself: the GREEN CANVAS, the colour of nature which is restored with GOLD, the most precious material we possess. The stillness of the large green surfaces with a little touch of gold here and there LIKE THE COSMOS.

Sanny combines her art with coaching children in the world of art and practising Hatha and Kashmir YOGA AND MEDITATION, the two complement each other perfectly.

To see and order more of her designs please check below sellings points:

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Hype Heroes - 's-Hertogenbosch 
Sanne Hop - Amsterdam
Koffie&Katoen - Amsterdam


Long John- January 2023



Gooi & Eemlander 9 June 2022: