November 2023 Open Ateliers Noord -Art Exhibition

June 2023 Open Oost Expo - Art Exhibition

June 2023 Art Market Naarden Vesting - Art Exhibition

October 2022 Art Market Naarden Vesting - Art Exhibition

2007 - Laren Meker Atelier Art Exhibition


  • Art Education teacher at elementary school for Lijmlab Amsterdam 2023-now
  • Intermediary Art and Culture Amsterdam Noord 'Art as a Remedy' 2023-now
  • Assignment by Koperberg Arts and Crafts (www.koperbergshop.nl):
    -Designer fair trade interior products. Produced in India and Nepal;
    -Styling showroom; 
    - Product and -impression styling for photography and exhibitions.

  • Elaborate en coordinate creative concepts for several clients:
    Artists, companies, Waldorf primary education (Vrije School Michael- Bussum, Vrije School 't Zonnewiel - de Bilt), Haruka Matsuo and Johnny Ramli

  • Interior concepts for private clients. 


  • Creative garden project:  Design and coordination herbal and vegetable garden for community - Bussum


  • Creative landscape project: Assigned by Wim Verzantvoort Landscape-designer, (www.studiowim.nl) for cooperation for a non existing forest as a private garden -Hilversum.
  • MYoMY (formerly Goodforall; www.myomy.nl), Naarden/  Designer fair trade eco leather products. Produced with producer groups in Calcutta, India.


  • Design window pendulums of gemstones (see publication Happinez and Yoga Magazine), design jewellery.

2001  - 2008 

  • Meker Atelier (Thijs Murre Interieur; www.thijsmurre.com), Laren/  Co-owner
    Interior furnishing, design, consulting, styling in and-exterior private projects (see publications).